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New Auburn, WI

Our New Auburn plant is conveniently located directly on the Progressive Rail Short Line that connects to the Union Pacific Railroad, giving us full control of coordinating, loading and shipping railcars to any destination in the U.S. We have four 4,000-foot storage tracks on our property with the ability to hold up to 425 railcars, optimizing car availability for our customers’ order fulfillment, including unit train shipments. The facility is an all-weather facility, which enables SSS a year-round production schedule. Our state-of-the-art electronically monitored processing plant has the capability to produce 1.4 mm tpy of quality proppant (frac) sand, available in coarse grades ranging from 16/30, 20/40, 30/50, 40/70, and 100m.

P.O. Box 103
140 West Pine Street
New Auburn, WI 54757
715.575.3450 office
715.237.2752 fax

  • Fluid bed dryer, with capacity of 175 tph
  • 6 Rotex screens
  • 4 – 1,000-ton silos & 1 – 400-ton silo for 16/30
  • 35% – 40% +40 product
  • 5% – 7% 16/30 production
  • 1,000 ton loadout bin
  • Rail loadout for additional capacity from other SSS operations
  • 2 mines/ wet plants
  • 425-railcar storage capacity
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