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Superior Silica Sands is a leading industry provider of high-quality frac sands with first-class facilities utilizing the latest equipment and quality control procedures along with unsurpassed customer service in the industry.

A Commitment to Doing Things Right

At Superior Silica Sands, we take great pride in the company we have built and the manner in which we serve our customers. We have grown to what we are today for one very simple reason – we hold true to a core set of values. These include:

A Deep Understanding of Our Industry – To put it simply, we know wells and frac sand better than anyone.  Superior Silica Sands is the only top four frac sand company built from the ground up as a frac sand supplier. In short, frac sand is all we do. Therefore, we know the drill and understand it better than any other frac sand supplier.

Quality Promised and Delivered – Superior Silica Sands is consistently committed to excellence. We have the highest standards in the industry for products, services, and people. Our products have exceptional properties. We ensure product integrity by testing every hour on product grades. What’s more, we’re committed to people and their safety, which further helps us deliver on our promise of quality.

Customer-Driven Solutions – We thrive on exceeding our customers’ expectations. We consistently deliver superior customer service, identifying and resolving issues as quickly as possible. We are flexible and tailor our services to our customers’ precise specifications. Our operations are strategically located and our systems and logistics are designed to consistently deliver the best results. Simply put, we’re continually looking for better ways to help our customers improve.

A Trusted Partner – At Superior Silica Sands, we are big believers in forging strong, long-standing relationships. By being responsive and reliable, we earn the trust of our stakeholders every day. We adhere to the highest ethical standards and do things right the first time. We always maintain open lines of communication. Because of this, our customers trust us and want to partner with us whenever possible.

Superior Care for Our People and Communities – At Superior Silica Sands, we believe in being strong corporate citizens. We are committed to sustainable development and always strive to create a better quality of life for our stakeholders and their communities. We value our employees and the commitment they have to their families, making us a great company to work for as well.