The Right Sand at the Right Place, Time and Cost

As the demand for frac sand grows in the energy sector, so does the demand for a highly experienced, trusted supplier. Today, that company is Superior Silica Sands.

Superior Silica Sands is everything our name implies – a company uniquely positioned to serve the energy industry and known for superior frac sand, services and people. We are unique among frac sand providers because our relentless focus on service ensures that our customers’ needs are consistently met. We deliver the right sand, at the right place, time and price.

Our full line of frac sand products has the coarsest product ratios. We test these blends continuously to ensure they meet specifications. These products are then shipped via rail and truck to meet the demands of every major energy basin in North America.

Why Superior Silica Sands?

  • We deliver high value for your money
  • You have peace of mind knowing you’re receiving the highest-quality frac sand
  • We consistently deliver the highest level of customer service
  • We respond immediately to address issues and resolve them quickly
  • We’re committed to building long-term relationships with reliable, dependable people
  • We are a trusted partner with high ethical standards